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Re: Hive 09 [France, Martinique]

Posted: 31 May 2018, 16:57
by moa972

I post news about the Hive 09.

on 19 may in early morning the hive made a swarm (picture below).
Just 3 months after introducing the swarm in the hive, the queen decided to find a new home it's really crazy.
I think the swarm represent something like more than half of the colony.
I collected the swarm the same day and put it into a WARRE hive. the two colonies seems ok.

Re: Hive 09 [France, Martinique]

Posted: 04 Jan 2019, 20:38
by moa972

I post some news here ;) I visited the hive on 1st december 2018.

The colony seems to be fine.
Little amount of bees but the brood is quite good. All the hive is constructed by wax. The firts "honey" frame is full, the second have a little comb.

The floor is really dirty with a lot of cutting of wax melted with some fungus or moisture...

On the honey frame, I found intrusion of little worms, the one that eat wax cuttings. I think the pieces of wood used to make the hive worked with weather and some apertures appeared in joints.

In Martinique, the honey season just begin and I think the colony could make a good start.