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Free step-by-step tutorials to build the hive.
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Read this first

Post by A.K. » 06 Jun 2019, 21:35

You want to build the SmallHiveProject beehive?

Building the hive according to the hive plans, and sharing your beekeeping experience in the hive reports would be a great contribution to the project.
More independent experimental data is necessary to evaluate the potential of the here presented hive design.

Please notice: The here presented hive has been designed by the author of this website.
A proof of authorsphip has been created (2017-09-19). You are free to use the information/advice contained within this website to build this hive for personal purpose. If you decide to, you do it entirely at your own risk.

Read the full disclaimer of liability first, and be aware that:
  1. the hive is still an unapproved prototype.
  2. the hive has been designed for the western honey bee (Apis mellifera)
  3. woodworking machines are dangerous.
  4. bees are dangerous.
  5. you have to respect your local legal requirement for beekeeping.

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