Hive design

Hive volume, spacing, design and management.
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Hive design

Post by A.K. » 06 Jun 2019, 22:52

The hive has to be easy to build and to manage.

The here envisaged design combines a fixed-frame hive body with one movable Huber leaf hive frame for honey harvest.

"Harvesting small amount of comb honey with ease" and "Hive Management without heavy lifting" are important criteria for the the new hive design. Horizontal hive design basically meets these criteria: No boxes have to be lifted and honey combs can be removed one-by-one.

The Leaf Hife design - invented in 1789 in Switzerland by Francis Huber - appeared to be particularly well suited for this purpose. The envelope of this hive is made up entirely by movable frames (called 'leaf').

Figure: The Huber leaf hive design (klick to enlarge).

For harvesting some comb honey, one Huber leaf frame inserted on the back of a fixed-frame hive body should be sufficient.
This simplifies hive construction and guaranties the brood nest in the fixed-frame hive body not to be distrubed by inspection.

Figure: The fixed-frame hive with one movable Huber leaf frame (klick to enlarge).

N.B.: Respect your local apiary laws. Il movable frames are legaly required in your region, the fixed-frame hive body could be made up by Huber leaf frames or include movable top-bars.

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